Before you begin to shop and look around for your ideal AC system, make sure to keep on reading this article, as we have come up with a simple guide that contains the factors you need to consider once you get an AC installation quote. Check out the list below so that you can easily do the installation process:  

Obtaining a Quote  

After you have completed your research, you’re now prepared to get quotes from various manufacturers. As always, it would be best if you request quotes from some providers so that you can compare their references, price, and the total service that you’ve gotten so far.   

When it comes to excellent practice, an air conditioner must provide you a site area inspection to ensure that the specs and capacity are complimentary with your heating and/or cooling requirements. They must also give a detailed quote that has line items including deposits and payment terms, detailed descriptions, exclusions, inclusions, servicing recommendations, insurance, warranties, etc.   

Selecting a Trusted HVAC Installer  

An air conditioning unit is a valuable investment. Hence, you need to get the best installer from a reputable HVAC company near me to guide you throughout this endeavor. The retailer or reseller that you buy your AC system from must provide installation services and have some dependable and licensed refrigeration mechanics or AC experts on hand. As an alternative, you can look around to select your trusted HVAC installer for yourself. Make sure that you get referrals and compare quotes before you make a choice. `For a brief guide, you need to hire an installer that’s adequately insured, appropriately qualified, and experienced.   

Supply and Install VS. Supply Only  

You get two options as you buy an AC unit. You can opt for a Supply Only where you can buy your air conditioning unit without including the installation expenses to the bill and search for an installer by yourself. Or you can get the Supply and Install where you can purchase the AC unit and let the reseller deal with the installation procedure for you. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to consult an expert reseller before you buy an AC unit to help you choose the correct capacity and model.   

Not All Installation Warranties are Similar  

You have to verify with your prospective installer about the duration of their installation warranty period. For instance, cheaper installation quotes may just have six months warranty. Hence, when it takes 12 mos. to discover a gas leak, you’re not eligible for any reimbursement from the installer aside from a moral obligation.   

Most dependable AC installers will provide at least 12 months, and others will contest the product warranty. Moreover, this will differ between the ducted systems and split systems. Thus, it’s always best to inspect what type of warranty is involved with your installation quote.   

If you want more assistance with choosing the best HVAC systems for you and your needs, contact your trusted HVAC specialist today.