Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana; there are definitely so many names that you could call this wonderful plant. Depending on your location, there are various names for this and you may call it anything that you want. We definitely suggest that you make sure that you do your research before saying something about it and judging it. A long time ago, marijuana was used as a psychoactive agent and this happened in the time of Emperor Shen Nung in China. This means that even before, this has been used to combat different diseases or to assist in the living of people. As of today, many people believe the wrong notion that has been spread in social media about marijuana. They think that marijuana is something very harmful when consumed by human beings and it should not be used by any means and forms for humans.  


But, this is definitely wrong because according to experts, marijuana can be used in the medical field. It can be used to help people get through their diseases and sufferings. For some countries, the use of marijuana is illegal but for some countries, you could easily buy online weeds anytime. In this article, we are promoting marijuana as something used for medical purposes and not for recreational purposes. The use of marijuana in the medical field has long been tested and proven and if you have done your research then you know that marijuana has already helped so many people who are in need of help to deal with the pain that they are experiencing.  

Furthermore, we are going to list down the medical pros of marijuana. We hope that through this article, we could enlighten your mind about marijuana for medical use. 

  1. Tremors for Parkinson’s 

As you know, people who are suffering from parkinson’s disease suffer for tremors. These tremors have different levels and each patient has a different level. There are some that are manageable but some cannot be controlled to the point that they could not hold a glass of water without spilling it all over the place. In this case, marijuana helps calming these tremors. 

  1. Chemotherapy 

For patients undergoing chemotherapy, they usually do not have the appetite to eat and they usually experience nausea and dizziness after chemo. But, marijuana works wonders for these patients because studies show that marijuana increases the appetite and lessen the nausea for people from chemotherapy.  

  1. Glaucoma 

Marijuana can help people suffering from glaucoma because it lessen the pressure that is inside the eyeball of the patient and in this way, the optic nerves of the eye would not be damaged and the negative effects could be managed.  

  1. Seizure 

People suffering from seizure because of many reasons can be helped by marijuana. It lessens the occurrence of seizures and it calms or tones down seizures of the patient which is much easier for them to deal with.  

As long as you use marijuana in the right way and you do not abuse it, it could actually works wonder for your health.